Hi, I am Fritz Strempel

Entrepreneur, Artist, Architect - and Idealist.

With a critical mind to the challenges of our time, I work across the fields of Art, Design, and Science as a Founder, Advisor and Art Director for design and innovation projects. In my companies and engagements and together with my partners, we build meaningful brands, multisensory technology, and innovation-driven art projects. What binds this interdisciplinary work together is my passion to ask the most pressing questions of our time and respond with meaningful, concrete and future-minded ideas.

Some of the valued clients & partners


Current Projects & Events

Residency / Masterclass

July 2020

Residency / Masterclass at the Nantesbuch Foundation. Interdisciplinary program to find novel expressions between art and culture as well as nature and landscape in visual arts, music, dance, theater, literature, and film. Art and nature are dialogically linked in Nantesbuch.

Academic Publication

Publication March 2020

Publication in Architecture Journal GAM:  Together We Thrive! Informal Appropriation of Space and Resistance in the Urban Density of Hong Kong

BrandEX Festival

Speaker - January 2020

Panelist at Europe´s Leading Brand Experience Festival. Keynote topic: the art of immersion - between virtual and natural experiences.

IoT-Art Production

April 2019 - June 2019

Artistic and technological production of IoT-based art installation with Sissel Tolaas in Berlin @ Galerie Wedding. 22 autonomous wind sensors on historic locations of 22 former windmills stream the real-time wind pattern over the city into the gallery, where 22 industrial ventilators reproduce the wind pattern controlled by the data from the cloud. With 22 smell molecule compositions by Sissel Tolaas, the wind invites to a constantly evolving immersion into the molecular identity of Berlin Wedding.

Sixt Mobilty Platform Launch

Art Direction of Sixt´s groundbreaking mobility platform's launch movie based on a corporate poem on courage and the passion to create.

Art Director & Writer - March 2019

TATE Modern - Turbine Hall Commission

Oktober 2018 - February 2019

Artistic and technological development of an invisible multi-sensory art installation during Tania Bruguera´s Turbine Hall Commission with Sissel Tolaas. A clean and empty room evokes tears and lets visitors undergo a collective experience of crying. The Tear Room was developed in the SSSLab in Berlin and will be displayed in London´s TATE MODERN until February 2019.

Sixt World Conference

Artistic Direction of Conference Scenography including writing a poetic tale staged as the opening ceremony.

Artistic Direction - October 2018

Young Leaders

Artistic Direction 2017-2019

30 young CEOs, 3 days and one experience. The yearly event format is designed to connect the young leaders with the leaders in politics and society. With countless talks and meetings in unconventional locations, our guests immerse into a unique journey through the political Berlin. Mixed with inspiring input from artists, scientists and inventors, participants are allowed to approach the most demanding questions of our time from a new and highly exclusive perspective.

SSSLab -

Co-Founder - ongoing

The SSSlab is founded by Prof. Sissel Tolaas and myself to approach the question of how to create meaningful and natural interfaces between technology and the human body. Working for automotive industry, sportswear brands or in non-commercial projects, we develop technologies, tools and experiences that train or use the human senses to enhance how we interact with nature and tech.

TDI - Industry Conference

Artistic Director - September 2018

The TDI is Germany´s largest industry conference. The yearly event invites 1500 leaders of german industry and leading politicians to discuss the most demanding challenges. This year I created an overall narrative for the conference, temporary architectures, exhibitions, films and poetry around this years main topic: risk.

What I do?


Multisensory Technology & Research

Driven by a passion to understand how we perceive the world around us, I am running interdisciplinary projects creating new interfaces between the human senses and technology, with a focus on olfaction. Together with artist and researcher Sissel Tolaas, Re_Search Lab in Berlin, we create multisensory technologies and olfactory experiences for innovation-driven industries, art installations in museums worldwide and for innovative brands.


Spatial Design, Architecture & Research

My current academic focus in the field of architecture and urbanism is on researching the cross-section of political philosophy and urban studies.
As scenographer and Architect, I create immersive museum experiences, opera staging and create temporary architectures for international conferences and events. I hold an MA in Architecture & Historic Urban Environment from the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL London where I am engaged as a guest critic for MA students as well as that the Academy of Arts & Design in Basel/Switzerland on corporate and retail scenography.


Communication and Corporate Narration

I create corporate narratives: as the personal speechwriter for C-Suite management of global corporations and politicians and as a senior consultant, I create corporate narratives for companies and individuals trying to communicate challenging change processes, courageous agendas or radical innovations to global audiences.

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Brand Strategy & Art Direction

As the founder of a London-based design agency, I combine the fields of design, communication, and technology to advise or create meaningful international brands in various industries from tech to finance, from fashion to media. With an entrepreneurial spirit as founders, we embed design and corporate storytelling within the core of company strategy.


I am based in Berlin & London

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