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Hi! I am Fritz. Together with my creative thinkers, strategists and entrepreneurs, I build strategic bridges between the creative, the entrepreneurial, and science worlds. As an independent Senior Art Director for global brands and organizations, I help to transport strategies into experiences and as Strategy Advisor & Board Member to impact-driven startups, I empower strong ideas to thrive. 
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Some of our partners include

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I am also an Architect (Architecture & Historic Urban Environment at The Bartlett at UCL London) researching and writing about civil liberties in public space and how sometimes the best design is the opposite of design. My research focus is on informal appropriation of public space in the urban context.

Some publications:

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As a partner at the Berlin-based Smell Re_Search Lab by artist and researcher Sissel Tolaas, we discover innovative solutions for multisensory interfaces. Between the worlds of art and technology, we question what it means to be human and how we can use multisensory technology to create a better, more human world: 

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