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Corporate Poetry!

In a world of radical technological and societal changes, companies and organisations face the question how to address, reflect upon and communicate these changes just as any of us humans do privately. Just like us, organisations face big decisions, sometimes driven by courage, sometimes by fear, but never without strong emotions. But how can a company find the right language for such emotions?

Well, it can't as long as we carry on separating what is perceived to be "corporate" or "organisational" and what is "human" or "private".

Corporations can only be as courageous, as responsible and as visionary as the people who ask the most demanding questions for their own future.

Poetry has helped us humans for centuries to process the most challenging issues of each time and it gave our emotional reflections a language.

So as we become more and more aware that we face radical decisions for a future we all want to see, poetry can offer that space also for companies and organisations to reflect and narrate their own emotional drivers for that better future.

Together with Sixt, this example shows how courage, the passion to create and the spirit to never look back, the vision for a better future and willingness to rethink everything everyday, can be expressed in corporate poetry.

Opening the international launch of Sixt´s epoche-making and trailblazing new mobility platform, this poem reflects the spirit that drives the organisation.