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IoT and art? Yes, see my latest art production.

IoT Art Installation

Art is about asking question about our time. This project asks how local history and local identity can be understood beyond the obvious using our senses. Technology can be the bridge here... Drawing from the history of Müllerstrasse in Berlin, once home to 22 windmills before the industrialisation, Sissel Tolaas collected and composed 22 smell identities at those locations. To exhibit these in the gallery, I produced a network of IoT-wind sensors distributed over the roofs of those 22 locations, performing a real time spatial mapping of the wind patterns. The collected data is translated into an abstract pattern of wind movements, controlling 22 IoT-enabled industrial ventilators in the gallery in real time reproducing the wind pattern over Berlin inside the gallery. On each ventilator, a smell component is placed resulting in a live collage of local smell identities according to the actual wind. Visitors immerse into a poetic dance of wind and its molecules, narrating the identity of this neighborhood in a multi-sensory way and thus allowing for open association of place, history and identity.

The show is open until June 1st.